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Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to get rid off silver articles

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Each and every women feels tough to clean their home and maintenance really sucks lot of time and money. If there comes any tricks to cut both that spent for cleaning means won't you accept it?

Well and today I am going to give such a magical trick to clean silver articles easily without buying any special materials.

So ,for this I am having using white toothpaste( Colgate) and you can use white tooth powder (same Colgate ) too. 

Now let us see the essential things:
1.Silver idol
2. Old tooth brush/ baby brush.
3. White cotton cloth
4. White tooth paste/ powder.
5. Water 
6. Vibhooti/ bashma (ash)

Step 1: brush the idol with plain water.

Step 2: brush the idol with Colgate tooth paste now. No need to add more water. If you are using tooth powder then touch your brush in water and rub it.rub your idol again and again until all parts gets completely covered with froth.

Step 3: the tooth brush will clean the minute details also.When you felt that it become dry then dip in water and brush it twice.

Step 4: now use the dry white cotton cloth and wipe the idol completely. now you can notice no dirt's almost. If you found then do step 2.

Step 5: to maintain this cleaned look . Dust your idol with vibhooti and using pure cotton cloth wipe the idol thoroughly. Your idol surely won't have any black dots or any odd looks.

So , finally you don't need to use any costly products to clean your everyday day silver pooja items. And it becomes really easy to maintain the freshness in the articles. 

This will lasts for more than 20 days with the freshness if you  keep it away from camphor.

Note: if you want to use for dinning plates then you better rinse it after cleaning with tooth paste and pat dry  then wipe with tissue paper and use it.

Keep cleaning !! 
And enjoy simplifying!!

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For you From the house of get from mom.

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