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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

PAPER ROSETTES FOR PARTY-a step by step pictured tutorial

Hi Welcome Back,
    I am very much happy to help your party with my crafts.

In general, we want to host our party in a different manner and we want to host it in budget right??

 A DIY party will fulfil both the criteria and these parties will give you credits as additional.

so, try it with my guide. well, today I am going to give you a simple fan making tutorial and you can make this for your party in your concept colours or in rainbow colours and you can choose the size ranges from very small to much larger one.shall we get in??

Alright, let us have a checklist of things we need to have before involved in making these cute fans.

Materials needed
1.Craft Tissue paper. 
4.buttons (if u have) or simply cut 1 inch round pieces from contrast chart paper.
5. stapler

so have you checked the things?

This fan making really takes 2-3 mins. 

let us do

step 1: Take 2 long tissue paper, unfold it. ( or you can evenly stack and do, but this requires some practice)

here I have shown you the tissue paper but u stack it even
tip: here I have used 12 inches long paper. Explore with various sizes. A square paper means u have to use 3 papers.mine is a rectangle and so 2 paper is enough,

Step 2: Do some accordion is a kind of front and back fold.

 Step 3: now fold it in the middle as shown in below picture.

Step 4: similarly do for other paper too and have 2 pieces of the same thing.

(if u are doing in a stacked manner, its time to separate the two sheets. so carefully unfold and take out the sheet and then fold as shown in picture)

tip: if u became expert u can stack and fold more than 10 sheets at once and separate them to make 5 fans in 5 mins

Step 5: Trim the edges to either V shape or Round shape(here I have made it round shape)

       And place the 2 separate pieces facing one side like the below one 

 step 6: It's time for glue.just glue the two pieces together

 Step 7: now glue the other side too.stick a 1-inch piece of thick paper in the middle of the fan on either side and stick a double sided tape onto the thick paper and stick it to the place and enjoy seeing.

note: to make it double colour fan, take two colour papers one paper width should be less than the other by 2/4 inches.(remember only the width but don't trim the length). then stack the two paper one above the other and follow from step 2 

enjoy crafting!!!

Keep decorating!!!

with regards,
suje bala

Thursday, 12 January 2017


welcome back to my blog!!!

This time i am going to give you all a brief tutorial on how to make a terracotta jewelry. do you know that why i am crazy about materialised jewelry?

I usually collect different jewelery of shapes or colours or texture ,But the thing surprised me in this terracotta jewelry is we could make our own designs at almost least costs , which was important for I became more crazy about these jewels and started doing my own pendants and necklaces matched for my party or casual wear.

the next thing which drives my attention is the colouring . Yes, you can customize the chain colour, shape, size and almost the length. This made me to love these kind of jewelry, and at last i became a great fan of these kind of ornaments.And you know one thing I alone did about 160 sets of terraware ornaments as return gift for my kid ear piercing function.

you can see those party arrangements and those jewelery in this link

Today, i am here to give you an elaborate tutorial on how to make your own terraware ornaments

1] The most initial thing you need is clay and its moisture. I usually filter out the clay through a sieve before mixing it with water and then mix more amount of water and again i filter out it. Finally I sun dried the clay mixture to get the perfect clay.

But my advice for beginners is to get clay from potter. they usually have the processed clay for making pots and plates. so get clay from them.

There were two type of clay
 I] Air dry clay ( these are type of clay ,you no need to burnt it but have to design it very quickly unless it becomes hard.)

Ii] natural clay, you have to burnt it.( You can work by taking little more time )

2] the next thing is you have to get NICHROME wire (a wire given inside the bulbs), why because this nichrome and not other metals means,this withstands the heat which is needed while burning the ornament. so get the NICHROME wire from online websites.

3] The next thing you need is impression tools,two methods in collecting this tools is

i]collect from stores as each impression tool may costs from 20 rs to 350rs

ii] search for impression tools in and around the home. you are blinking right???

here is my tutorial for how to collect the impression tools from home. This wonderful video will surely gives you an idea about selecting the impression tools.

in the above video i have shown you a lot of tools among those the very different tool is pasta or papad used for creating impression.

4] So, we need to design a pendant means , first we have to choose a design right??

so here also you have two options

i] getting silicon moulds and moulding our pendants [this costs a little , market price for simple moulds ranges from 150-550 INR

ii] rough drawing our design in a paper and then doing that on clay

5] so we did our pendant in paper design. now draft the design on clay and insert a nichrome wire on to the pendant

6]let it to sun dry for 2 days and then bake it in oven at 300*c for 1 hour or until the pendant becomes black

7] paint the pendant matched to your dress and enjoy wearing.



suje bala

keep crafting!!!!!


this is a pori masala making video.

A great indian evening snack.


1. pori
2.gingelly oil
4.chilly powder
9.coriander leaves scrubs
11.boiled peanuts

step 1: first coat the pori with oil and add some chilly powder and salt and mix the things

step 2: Add the onion , chopped tomato, cucumber, mango scrubs , peanuts and a few drops of lemon mix and serve




Monday, 2 January 2017

Silk thread jewelry ideas

Hope you love to wear silk thread jewelry. I learnt this silk thread jewelry making in just one day. And I am going to give tutorial s on how to make the gorgeous jewelry for yourself . So follow my upcoming post in Google plus.

First thing in making jewelry is to get some base. Base is most important and it have to be in polished manner and not with designs or rough surface.

Then thread also plays a main role, you have to choose threads matching to your dress always choose 2 to 3 colours to make it to look nice. Then the third thing u need will be fevicol to make the thread to sit on the base. And we need a scissor along with a 30cm hard cardboard to wrap the thread, some rhine stoned And kundan stones.

So here I am sharing some pics of silk thread collections... I will give tutorials later

silk thread jewelery set

silk thread beautiful green bangle

multi coloured bangles

orange themed bangles

white and gold blended -an adorable bangle

yellow with pearl beaded bangle

pink and brown mixed with cream

This is for kids

In country like India people like to wear jewelry during almost in all occasions at from celebrations to people always search to find a cheap and best jewelry and luckily this silk thread items costs comes handy.but many people finds difficult in making such jewelry . so to overcome the issues i am going to give tutorials in making these silk threaded items so keep visiting my blog and stay tunned


Happy crafting!!!!!!

love papad- deliver your love and your secret messages through papad


This is a simple kid love to get her name in her papad.instead of serving an ordinary papad i serve this papad especially during her special dinner.

i love the quote that share your love through your words.and i am a great follower of those words.and this is also a way of expressing our thoughts.not only it tastes your mouth ,But also fills your lovable heart..yes, it's damn true...

Let us do some papads...

ingredients you need


step1: Take a spoon of organic food colour powder and mix it with water.if it is in liquid form then no need to worry

step 2: take a toothpick and write your quotes on to your papad.this will take some time but think about the olden days where people write their thoughts with the help of a feather. crazy right??

step 3: let it to dry for a couple of minutes.

step4:take a pan and heat the oil

step 5: deep fry the papad in to oil and enjoy.

quotes help