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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

PAPER ROSETTES FOR PARTY-a step by step pictured tutorial

Hi Welcome Back,
    I am very much happy to help your party with my crafts.

In general, we want to host our party in a different manner and we want to host it in budget right??

 A DIY party will fulfil both the criteria and these parties will give you credits as additional.

so, try it with my guide. well, today I am going to give you a simple fan making tutorial and you can make this for your party in your concept colours or in rainbow colours and you can choose the size ranges from very small to much larger one.shall we get in??

Alright, let us have a checklist of things we need to have before involved in making these cute fans.

Materials needed
1.Craft Tissue paper. 
4.buttons (if u have) or simply cut 1 inch round pieces from contrast chart paper.
5. stapler

so have you checked the things?

This fan making really takes 2-3 mins. 

let us do

step 1: Take 2 long tissue paper, unfold it. ( or you can evenly stack and do, but this requires some practice)

here I have shown you the tissue paper but u stack it even
tip: here I have used 12 inches long paper. Explore with various sizes. A square paper means u have to use 3 papers.mine is a rectangle and so 2 paper is enough,

Step 2: Do some accordion is a kind of front and back fold.

 Step 3: now fold it in the middle as shown in below picture.

Step 4: similarly do for other paper too and have 2 pieces of the same thing.

(if u are doing in a stacked manner, its time to separate the two sheets. so carefully unfold and take out the sheet and then fold as shown in picture)

tip: if u became expert u can stack and fold more than 10 sheets at once and separate them to make 5 fans in 5 mins

Step 5: Trim the edges to either V shape or Round shape(here I have made it round shape)

       And place the 2 separate pieces facing one side like the below one 

 step 6: It's time for glue.just glue the two pieces together

 Step 7: now glue the other side too.stick a 1-inch piece of thick paper in the middle of the fan on either side and stick a double sided tape onto the thick paper and stick it to the place and enjoy seeing.

note: to make it double colour fan, take two colour papers one paper width should be less than the other by 2/4 inches.(remember only the width but don't trim the length). then stack the two paper one above the other and follow from step 2 

enjoy crafting!!!

Keep decorating!!!

with regards,
suje bala