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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Paper flower tutorial


  hope you all read my previous said before i am going to give a brief tutorial on making paper flowers.these were beautiful flowers made with the help of paper.

materials required:
1.colored tissue paper(u can choose your own concept colors).
4.thread of matching color or contrast .

step 1: take 5 sheets of paper and stack those paper together one by one

you can take various sizes too.. if you sheet is 15 inches wide take 8 sheets and get a medium size flower

12 inches =6 sheets
8 inches =5 sheets
5 inches= 4 sheets

u can explore by varying sizes
minimum 4 sheets of tissue paper stack it evenly.I just showed u the paper needed
 step 2:do accordation fold about 1 inch uniformly,and cut the edges as round or v shape.

accordation fold is nothing but folding from front to back in zig-zag manner,

Image result for accordion fold
so once you fold the stacked paper in accordation fold cut the edges of the paper in to round shape or
"v" shape.

no need to open the fold, i just showed you how it looks after folding the paper

 step 3: just tie the thread in the middle.

 i used  wollen thread because it wont tear the paper.remember to give some length behind the flowers so that it will be easy to tie the flowers at our favorite places

step 4: its half done, just spread the paper as shown in the figure.
 step5 : now pull the paper upside one after one from one side to other side,

remember we are making a flower so spreading the sheets evenly and neatly without tearing is important/be patient until u become expert in making.

initially the paper may tear but don't worry, messy flowers also looks good.
previously i did one sheet on left side here I opened up one sheet on right side .next I will do on left side and then to right side got it?
 this how my flower will look when i opened all the paper on either side
 this is my bottom side of the flower
the below one is the side view of my flower
 tip: when u cut the tied paper edges in to round shape you will get the flowers looking as shown
 tip: when u cut the edges as 'v' shape then you will get these kind of i stacked one sheet of contrast paper at the top of the stack to make it to look like double shaded flower
 her i did with orange and round cut
 here i stacked alternative colours of white and orange  and I have added one sheet of blue at the top and edges were shaped to 'v' cut
wow a wonderful flowers were ready

 these were all some beautiful flowers made of tissue papers. with varies sizes
 above is a short pictured tutorial of how do I make over it.

 the above one is my favorite flower
 round cut blue flower

 my concept nemo function flowers.
 enjoy doing crafts and make your life colourful.

with regards,
Happy crafting!!!