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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Quilled chain models

welcome to my quilling tutorials in this post i am gonna to give some quilled chains models.
In my next post i will give you tutorials. this post is for the people who knows quilling and lags on designs
Quilling is an art were our thoughts will be exposed as designs to the outside world ….
And i love to do that and moreover these deigns will look pretty and perfectly it will matches your dress and at special occasions too. with its light weight you can wear it on any time and its not so costly.. …
these things when you wear it with a matching dress you will surely looks adorable …
kindly look in to my pictures these designs will looks great..
this is that pretty blue chain i love the most……
Pearl jumka

Pearl jumka with pendant
Pretty lemony green set
Pretty lemony green set
Jumka matching chain
Jumka matching chain look at the ear piece i like these type of ear piece
Matching jewel
Matching jewel two types of earrings for a single chain

And i have lots of models too. but i am going to give those things with a brief dont forgot to follow my post.
please don’t forgot to pen your comments.. i am waiting…
happy crafting!!!!!