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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Traditional ear piercing function with decoration twist

Hai ,

I am happy to share my party Decorations ideas to you and the special thing is all under your budget.

Interesting right?

Here comes the ideas that how I made the function look great...

Being an Indian traditional family member I just included some traditional decorations too in my function...So, let us explore the ideas which were all behind my function...

First this function is for my two and a half year old little princess... yes, it's an ear piercing function, it originates from Indian traditional ceremonies... As per our tradition we just do head shaving for the baby and then Pierce their ears by make them to sit on the lap of their maternal uncle or maternal grandfather..ear piercing is done as a part of acupuncture therapy that was followed even today in India.

Initially I searched for lot of simple themes.At last, in one evening my princess showed me that theme from film finding nemo. Yes,It's none other than Nemo fish.she loved the theme and fish too.

The only thing which attracts me is the fish color. it's orange color, theme materials in orange is easy to get in country like I was happy to fix that character and color to our party, and I fixed these things 6 months before the party day.

The creativity starts with invitation. We just created an invitation with my princess to be seated on Nemo fish.

The next thing is venue. We just decide to fix the venue in a wedding hall near by our home .And I photographed each and every place of the hall. And I sit to create a plan to decorate the hall.

At last I drafted some decent plans. I bought some orange and white colored paper along with blue colored paper too. Because , the Nemo fish is in orange and white color and the fish lives in blue ocean. So, I choose these 3 colors. And with some innovation I just created some decorative ornaments with color papers.

First, for stage decorations I choose paper flowers ranging from small size to large plate sized flowers with size variations of 5cms..


Then I did some stars in orange colors and color fan's, color balls, paper fringes , paper fish, green coral reefs, dancing dolls, blue ocean background, some cutouts of my princess,balloon fishes,fishing games,gold fish as return gifts( I planned a lot but at last I missed it)foil fishes, some quilled decorations like mandala.

And gonna to post all crafts tutorial at earliest..

For Indian tradition I included kumbam, lights also called as vizhakku, Kollam /designs under water with surface tension fishes

Then costume purchases and return gifts matters me a lot. usually everyone in India purchases the return gifts but I make my own return gifts from clay... Yes, it's nothing but terraware sets and quilled ear pieces..

The very big list becomes ready and For creating the things I just rough draft the timings and I followed it strictly.

one more thing that i have to thank my husband Mr.Balaji a lot because, without his help i couldn't launch the function in full filled and fun filled a tons of thanks to you my sweet heart.


next,I never stop only up to decorating hall  with theme colour and giving special return gifts.. I included the thing orange to my food menu too.

Interesting right?

The ceremony timing was afternoon 12.00 to 1.30 we decided to serve our guests a wonderful meals. In India there were two kinds of meals one is South Indian meals and north Indian meals.

South Indian meals includes sweet,2 or 3 vegetables and a papad with some rice dhal,sambar,rasam, and butter milk and payasam,vada, beetle leaves beda that's it

A north Indian meals like thali includes sweet,chappathi and a gravy or dhal and little rice and 3-4 veggies with sweet and cold payasam(a kind of liquid sweet) , banana and ice cream

We would like to blend the two variables of meals and to give our food colour twist to the food the menu is designed as such

1. Orange colour sweet milk peda, a kind of sweet prepared from milk.

2. Orange coloured burbi from coconut

3. Samosa with orange tomato sauce, a North Indian dish

4. Potato veggie a north Indian dish with an orange colour twist

5. bindi fry it's nothing but ladies finger fry a north Indian dish.

6. Broad beans peanut veggie , a nutrient rich little orangy coloured spicy lovers special dish

7. Carrot cashew rice with raitha

8. Orangy papad with salad

9.ginger pickel likely to be in orange colour

10. Rice with pumpkin white beans curry probably orange coloured dish

11. tomato rasam

12. curd

13. Orange milkmaid payasam

14. Orange icecream inside original orange.


The thing is i am going to reveal all the ideas which i had and which i did in our function.we did our function in different and all under our budget.first we have to plan the whole ceremony in mind and we have to workout part from part .I am going to teach step by step tricks in conducting a DIY(Do It Yourself) party.

so stay tuned to my blog and keep decorating your home and party with creativity.

with regards,