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Monday, 2 January 2017

Silk thread jewelry ideas

Hope you love to wear silk thread jewelry. I learnt this silk thread jewelry making in just one day. And I am going to give tutorial s on how to make the gorgeous jewelry for yourself . So follow my upcoming post in Google plus.

First thing in making jewelry is to get some base. Base is most important and it have to be in polished manner and not with designs or rough surface.

Then thread also plays a main role, you have to choose threads matching to your dress always choose 2 to 3 colours to make it to look nice. Then the third thing u need will be fevicol to make the thread to sit on the base. And we need a scissor along with a 30cm hard cardboard to wrap the thread, some rhine stoned And kundan stones.

So here I am sharing some pics of silk thread collections... I will give tutorials later

silk thread jewelery set

silk thread beautiful green bangle

multi coloured bangles

orange themed bangles

white and gold blended -an adorable bangle

yellow with pearl beaded bangle

pink and brown mixed with cream

This is for kids

In country like India people like to wear jewelry during almost in all occasions at from celebrations to people always search to find a cheap and best jewelry and luckily this silk thread items costs comes handy.but many people finds difficult in making such jewelry . so to overcome the issues i am going to give tutorials in making these silk threaded items so keep visiting my blog and stay tunned


Happy crafting!!!!!!