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Saturday, 4 February 2017



welcome to GET FROM MOM, a blog where you can get many ideas. Well, today I am going to reveal some helpful hacks for PREGNANT women.

first of all, congratulations for you to be a  new mom,

I can hear the voice that I am not yet a mom, I am just conceived, right??

the first thing that I need to clear is that you are a mom now.


yes, you are a mom for a child who is inside a black dark box but, you don't know the child's face and you can't hear their voice that's it.

So, first, you have to believe that you are having a baby with u like a kangaroo have their kids in their pouch.

Okay, I believe so what?

There is more to go. Think that if u are having a baby in your hand what you will do?

*Feed them
* Play with them
*Teach things
* Love them

So you can see their response right?

Same things you have to do for your unborn little one too...Only thing is you have to think your bulged tummy as your child.

Just feed your tummy at regular time intervals like feeding your baby

Teach the things whichever attracts you.feels joking? Definitely not.

You may ask how an inborn can understand the things outside? And the answer is researchers were searching to find the inborn amazing intelligence means they can do it, and human is
still searching results for how it is doing?

It's really true they can imagine everything that you teach. They can well understand your commands they do responds to your speech by kicking but you have to feel it. 

And never hesitate to speak with your inborn especially after 5 months.They become more attentive. 

So okay how can I speak and what should I speak? 

You have to speak about your surroundings in particular about sounds, smells, things you see like nature admire it to them, foods, relationship, read books aloud.( Not so loud like speaking in a gathering)

For example, if you are hearing a song means to convey it to your baby that we are going to enjoy a melody beats baby. So wait I am going to play it. And also include your family member in your speech like your dad likes this song very much.

So when it became your everyday practise to hear songs after you conveying it to your little one, they also start to love the music and they will enjoy it.

How can I feel the baby is enjoying?

Right, the answer is only a mom can feel. whenever you play it they will start to react by kicks.

And also very aggressive kicks means that they hate it. And little kicks says they love it.

What else I have to do during my pregnancy?

Stimulation is the best answer. 

Stimulating a baby can be done only after birth but how can I do it when he/she is inside my womb?

1. Light stimulation
2. Sound stimulation
3. Smell stimulation
4. Taste stimulation
5. Read stimulation

Light stimulation, how can I do?

Just after 7+ months, your child will have a very good vision ability on this time you have to pass a light touch on your tummy from left to right and vice verse remember to do this at night time and while doing this switch off your room lights too. Do clockwise 3 rotation and anticlockwise 3 rotation. Switch off the light. Do this every day before you going to sleep make everything a routine.later it became their own habits

Sound stimulation?

Have a baby drum and drum it once or twice a day and observe the baby response. Playing a song. Making your birds sing and standing nearby. But the main thing is you have to observe each and every movement of your baby if the kick is faster then understand that they don't like that and just stop the music or action.

Smell stimulation?

Just smell a fragrance and convey your baby like, baby mama smelled pink coloured beautiful rose and you know that this is smelling sweet. And I like this very much.

Taste stimulation?

Similarly whatever you eat kindly convey your little princess that, you are eating a sweet or spicy food.And also tell them in brief manner like how you prepared that food and whose favourite is that. just speak out all the things to them. Don't be shy without expressing, because my mom says that I am not growing a single infant in my womb but a generation and their characteristics. And I believed those words strongly and feeling the result now.

Read stimulation?

Last but NOT least, read stimulation really matters a lot. That may decide a  
Baby character so choose wise books and read it aloud.

so, the purpose of stimulation is to make our baby to be aware about their surroundings . Following these types of stimulation will surely change their attitude to face the situation and later in days become their character.

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